Fight Breaks out at Pusha-T’s Concert

Pusha T’s show at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall was going great until a fight erupted! Pusha T is stating that he thinks people were “paid” to throw beer at him.  Fans say people rushed the stage and then a physical altercation took place.  Pusha T was not touched at all, but he feels as though that was intentionally set up. He feels that way so much that he comes back out on stage and performs the song  “Infrared”. A song that has some subliminal shots at Drake. Could Drake be the reason for this outburst? That is the real question everyone wants to know. Sources have stated that many people were attacked on stage and three people were sent to the hospital.  After the show, there was one person who was reportedly stabbed and is in critical condition.    They are inverstigating on if that was linked to the outburst during the show.